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AirFit F20


Comfortable and easy to use, the AirFit F20 is low-profile, making it easy to read and watch TV with it on. The mask frame offers integrated padding and fewer facial touchpoints, which is helpful for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

Features and Benefits

  • InfinitySeal cushion is designed to stay sealed at any airflow pressure setting
  • QuietAir vent reduces sound to 21 decibels – quieter than a soft whisper
  • Magnetic clips mean two simple snaps and your mask is on or off
  • Plush headgear and soft, flexible frame provide extra comfort
  • Quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and disconnect without removing the mask
  • Perfect for mouth breathers

What’s Included

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • 1 InfinitySeal cushion in selected size


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