CPAP Resupply Program

Insurance Covered CPAP automatically ships your replacement CPAP supplies on a regular basis so you never have to worry about reordering. Replacement of your supplies is important to ensure your CPAP machine is as clean, effective, and comfortable as possible. We will contact you when it is time to reorder your supplies.

Most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid will cover your CPAP machine, mask, and supplies. Replacement supplies are also usually covered by your insurance.

Your CPAP supplies should be replaced on the following schedule:

HCPC Description Replacement Schedule
A4604 Heated Tubing 1 per 3 months
A7027 Combo Oral/Nasal Mask 1 per 3 months
A7028 Oral Cushion for Combo Mask 2 per 1 month
A7029 Nasal Pillows for Combo Mask 2 per 1 month
A7030 Full Face Mask 1 per 3 months
A7031 Full Face Mask Interface 1 per 1 month
A7032 Nasal Cushion 2 per 1 month
A7033 Nasal Pillow 2 per 1 month
A7034 Nasal Interface 1 per 3 months
A7035 Headgear 1 per 6 months
A7036 Chinstrap 1 per 6 months
A7037 Tubing 1 per 3 months
A7038 Filter, Disposable 2 per 1 month
A7039 Filter, Non-Disposable 1 per 6 months
A7046 Water Chamber for Humidifier 1 per 6 months


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