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DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask

Philips Respironics

The DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is designed to act like a top–of–head hose connection providing an open view. It is ideal for new users getting used to therapy and long–time users looking for improved comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced bulk and improved seal stability due to top-of-head hose connection
  • Hollow frame reacts accordingly during airflow event
  • Clean design makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Five different cushion sizes provided for best fit
  • Limited therapy sounds
  • Perfect for active, side, or stomach sleepers

What’s Included

  • Cushion (S, M, L)
  • Headgear (M)
  • Frame faceplate
  • Frame connector (M)
  • Magnetic headgear clips
  • Fabric wraps
  • Sizing guide
  • Instructions guide
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