When to Replace Your CPAP Supplies

When to Replace Your CPAP Supplies

Replacing your CPAP supplies is an important part of getting the most out of your CPAP therapy. In order for your CPAP to work effectively and efficiently, you need to understand what your replacement schedule should look like and keep on top of it to ensure you have clean supplies that will keep your CPAP working at an optimal level.

Replace Every Five Years

Your machine has the longest life span of all. Your CPAP or Bi-Pap should last around five years, if you take good care of it! However, the humidifier unit needs to be replaced more often.

Replace Every Six Months

The following supplies should be replaced every six months:

  • Headgear and chin straps
  • Water chambers
  • Non-disposable filters

The water chamber is especially important to replace because that’s where bacteria can grow thanks to the warm, damp nature of the unit. Additionally, you should soak your humidifier chamber in a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water for 15-20 minutes once a week and then rinse with distilled water.

Replace Every Three Months

Many supplies need to be replaced every three months:

  • Standard and heated tubing
  • Masks without headgear
  • Full face cushions
  • Nasal cushions and nasal pillows
  • Disposable filters

These CPAP parts need replacing so often because they are exposed to the germs in your breath every night. They sit right on your face so it’s very important to keep them germ free.

You need to replace your nasal cushions, nasal pillow, and disposable filters every two weeks, so most people purchase six of each every three months.

Routine Maintenance

Taking good care of your supplies means they will last longer. We suggest getting into a routine of cleaning your supplies regularly, including sanitizing your mask and tube daily. This will keep you healthier and make your CPAP equipment more efficient and effective.

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